Worship services are held at the Chapel in the Hills every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday evening during the summer months. A tradition since the original ministry of the radio program Lutheran Vespers. (The term "vesper" refers to a worship service held in the evening, or an evening prayer.) All our visitors are invited to attend this ecumenical worship service.

Services begin at 7:30 pm amd are held during June, July, and August.

Worship lasts approximately 30 minutes. Dress is informal.

(There are no scheduled Sunday morning services, as the chapel has no permanent congregation.)

The chapel and grounds are also available for local congregations and travelling groups to use for worship and other events.

This summer, the Chapel will be hosting guest pastors from all over the country. Each pastor will bring with him or her unique gifts and talents to share with worship attendees.

Feel free to call the chapel for further information (605-342-8281 or 605-343-9426)