We hope your visit to the Chapel in the Hills is enjoyable and rewarding. Whether it is your first visit or one of many you have made, it is our wish that you find the Peace of Christ in these surroundings. Should you wish to make a donation to the ongoing ministry of the Chapel, you may do so through the following link. We thank you for your support!

Another way to donate to the Chapel in the Hills is through Thrivent Financial’s “Thrivent Choice” program. The Chapel is eligible to receive "Thriven Choice" donations from enrolled Thrivent Financial members. If you are a member of Thrivent Financial, please consider donating your Choice Dollars to the mission and ministry of the Chapel in the Hills. Click on the link above or go to https://www.thrivent.com/what-we-offer/generosity/thrivent-choice.html . You can also call your local Thrivent representative directly and he/she can walk you through the steps. Thank you for considering assisting the Chapel in this way. It is much appreciated.