Couple exchanging rings

Over the past fifty years, close to 5,000 couples have been married at the Chapel in the Hills. From large, elaborate ceremonies (including the Governor of South Dakota!), to just the bride and groom, pastor and two tourists to serve as witnesses, each wedding has been a blessed event. We invite all couples who have been married at the Chapel during the past fifty years to return for a special Affirmation of Marriage Vows service. This simple service will be designed to affirm the gift of marriage and the vows of commitment begun with each wedding at the Chapel. Bring your entire families with you to the service as we celebrate this special event!

We will be printing a program for the service and would like couples to register ahead of time, if possible. Please click here to register on-line or call (605) 342-8281 to register by telephone. If you have lost your spouse, please know that you are most welcome to join us. There is no charge, and couples are welcome to participate on the day of the ceremony without pre-registration.